1999 Grants
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  Blanchet High School - Salem, OR
Professional Growth - Provide opportunities for teachers to attend professional development activities.
Concordia Elementary - Tacoma, WA
Enhancements in Art - Purchase and install a kiln and provide needed associated supplies.
Concordia University - Austin, TX
Funds for a special program and resources to develop basic skills.
Evanjelicke Gymnasium - Tisovec, Slovakia 
Classroom Video Equipment - Purchase of a video camera and equipment to be used with it.
Lake County Lutheran High School - Hartland, WI
Enhancing LCLHS Science Curriculum - Purchase mobile lab tables, general lab supplies, a laser disk player, an LCD video projector, and computer based apparatus such as an exercise heart monitor, and light sensors.
Lutheran High School East - Cleveland, OH 
Direct Intervention Services Program - Help at-risk teens develop the "40 assets" identified by the SEARCH Institute as those "necessary for forming a foundation for healthy development in adolescents".  The grant will provide pilot project funding for the "After School Asset Program"(ASAP).
Lutheran High School - Little Rock, AR
Special Education Services- Provide staffing support in mathematics and counseling for students who have special learning needs.