2000 Grants
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Bethlehem Lutheran School - Kennewick, WA
Develop computer lab and related learning resources.
Concordia University - Irvine, CA
In-service education to help Lutheran schools in post communist Hungary rediscover “What makes a Christian School Christian".
Faith Lutheran School - Raleigh, NC
Resource development for media center in a new school.
Life Lutheran School - Eugene, OR
Support personnel in library and music education.
Peace Lutheran School - Bremerton, WA
Enhance computer information gathering and sharing as an educational tool.
Pilgrim Lutheran School - Beaverton, OR
For furnishings and equipment for a new gymnasium and classroom building.
Sacramento Lutheran High School - Sacramento, CA
Project WELCOME to assist in providing transportation capability for a variety educational and ministry expression.
St Vincent DePaul Catholic School - Salem, OR
Support for teacher growth to attend conferences, workshops and college courses.
Texas District, Lutheran Church - Austin, TX
Facilitate recruitment of youth for church vocations of ministry, Lutheran school teaching and Directors of Christian Education/Youth.
Trinity Lutheran Church - Hillsboro, OR
Age appropriate Bibles for Sunday School in a new educational facility.
(note: this activity would not fit within current foundation funding priorities)
Zion Lutheran School - Menominee Falls, WI
Develop resources for computer assisted instructional capability.