2001 Grants
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Calvary Lutheran School - San Lorenzo, California
A matching challenge grant to develop a video on “A Day in the Life of Calvary” as an outreach tool to an ethnically diverse community to show and share what makes Calvary different and special as a Christian school.
Clover Trinity Lutheran School - Buhl, Idaho
To add a Lab Server and incorporate the A+dvanced Learning System’s Reading and Writing Curriculum.
Concordia Lutheran School - Racine, Wisconsin
Providing musical equipment for the “New Joyful Noises,” a group that includes all students in grades 4-8 in learning quality music, in worship, in witness, and in fun.
Pacific Lutheran School of Theology - Berkely, California
For the theological journal Dialog, which provides for reasoned discourse and dialog on issues in theology and the church. One can see the arguments for both sides of an issue developed in a scholarly and thoughtful style.
Lutheran High School North - Chicago, Illinois
To upgrade and replace a track facility which has been in use since the ‘50s.
Lutheran Schools Association - Decatur, Illinois
To make major additions to an art program that will benefit grades K-12.
Mount Rainier Lutheran School - Tacoma, Washington
To assist in the start of this new Lutheran High School by contributing toward the support of an Executive-Director/Principal to get the school off the ground.
Queen of Peace Youth Ministry - Salem, Oregon
To offer educational experiences in Christian service-based ministry through work for the poor, for justice and other mission activities of the parish.
(note: this activity would not fit within current foundation funding priorities)
Santiam Christian Schools - Corvallis, Oregon
To assist in a capital facilities development program.