2002 Grants
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Christ the Savior Lutheran School, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
Computers for mission schools, satisfies government accreditation requirements.
Concordia Academy, Austin, TX
Support for the beginning of a band program at a new Lutheran High School.
Concordia Lutheran School, Salem, OR
Matching funds for a community outreach center/covered recreational area.
Concordia University, Portland, OR
For purchase of Fisher Scientific achromatic optics binocular compound microscopes as part of a new Biology lab to serve over 100 Biology majors.
Holy Family Catholic School, Portland, OR
Provide opportunity for teachers to learn and apply technology in both the instructional and administrative aspects of their job.
Mount Rainier Lutheran High School, Tacoma, WA
To fund the newly called Executive Director of the High School to be built 2002-03 and opened in the Fall of 2003.
Northwest District Teachers Conference
Underwrite a presentation to 500 Lutheran Educators of LCMS Northwest District on topic “Renewed for Ministry.”
(note: this activity would not fit within current foundation funding priorities)
Trinity Lutheran School, Portland, OR
Equipment to implement ‘Spanish Made Easy’ instruction. Will serve both students and families but also serve as a bridge to an increasingly Hispanic community about the church and school.