2008 Grants
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Blanchet Catholic High School, Salem, OR
Assist In-Service Education of Faculty though attendance at National Catholic Education Conference.
De La Salle North Catholic High School, Portland, OR
Providing Transformative Experiences through Service Activities. Ecumenical Approach to Student Body Racially and Religiously Diverse, with Over Half of Student Body from Christian Denominations other than Catholicism.
Lutheran Special School and Education Services, Wauwatosa, WI
Using Art Therapy to develop Basic Education Skills (Self-Discipline, Organization, Motivation, and Self-Confidence), in an Integrated Special Ed /Regular Inner City (Low Income/Minority) Program.
Roy and Dora Whitman Academy, Sugar Grove, IL
Providing Quality, Affordable Christian Education in English in Jordan to Children (grades 1-12) of Christian Evangelical Workers.
Sioux Falls Lutheran School, Sioux Falls, SD
Will Provide a Mobile Computer Lab, Serving 300 Students.