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Underlying the commitment of this Foundation to the cause of Christian education are two basic principles.
We believe God is active in Christian schools across the spectrum of Christian faiths and therefore support any school that acknowledges God the Father as Creator, God the Son as Redeemer, and God the Holy Spirit as sanctifier of the whole Christian Church.
We sense the mission of Christian schools recognizes the centrality of God in all of life and aims to help students grow in faith and discipleship. The Christian teacher models and shares the new life in Christ.

Application Process
Step One
Every proposal to the Foundation should begin with a Letter of Inquiry. The Foundation believes that the Letter of Inquiry offers organizations the best opportunity to tell their story and to facilitate our review. Letters of Inquiry may be submitted at any time and will be considered in a timely manner.
This letter may be submitted through USPS at:
     Lorenz Family Foundation Trust
     PO Box 8262
     Portland, OR  97207
Or via email at:
     Directors ... at... LorenzFamilyFoundation.org
     (you\'ll have to replace ...at... with the @ symbol in the address to help us avoid spam)
The process is the same for new applicants and for past grantees.  Inquiry Letters should be no more than 2 pages in length and include the name of the institution,  a brief description of the project, a project contact name and contact information, an estimated amount of the grant funding request and the date the funding would be used.
Proposals will be considered according to the following criteria:
In order to help prospective grant applicants determine the level of consideration of a proposal, the Board set the following priorities and criteria:
1. Priority will be given to grants to Christian elementary and secondary schools nationally and internationally. Lesser consideration will be given to other levels.
2. Preference will be given to proposals which are reproducible and can be shared with other schools or have anticipated impact beyond the applying organization.
3. We are particularly interested in projects that develop Christian growth for life.
4. We will be interested in proposals reflecting innovation, creativity, or an entrepreneurial spirit.
5. The Foundation will generally not support ongoing operational expenditures or participate in capital campaigns.
6. The Foundation will generally not support projects less than $5000, feeling that we want to back projects that are beyond the scope of local fund-raising projects and donors. Generally we will not make grants larger than $30,000. We are open to providing grants that match or supplement other resources. 
Step Two
Each inquiry will be reviewed and potentially "adopted" by one of the Trustees for further consideration. If your inquiry is selected, you will be contacted by the interested Trustee or their representative for additional information and sent a formal application.  Funding release, if the inquiry is adopted and approved, will be coordinated with the contact person listed in the Letter of Inquiry.
PLEASE NOTE - Not all proposals will receive a resopnse.  If your proposal is not selected, you are welcome to resubmit for future consideration.
All grant recipients will be required to file a final report demonstrating financial accountability and to share information about project results with other Christian schools.
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